ACC Cross Country Carnival

Congratulations to all of our Av性爱 athletes who competed at the ACC Cross Country Carnival at Perry Lakes Reserve last week!

Av性爱 finished 5th in the Overall Combined Trophy, competing against 80 schools! Our team showed incredible courage, compassion, and commitment, persisting through the challenging conditions to achieve personal bests and reach their goals.

The commitment to exceptional leadership demonstrated by Captains Hayden Piper and Isabella Alves-Veira was inspiring, and we were truly amazed by the resilience and determination shown by all our athletes.

We are immensely grateful to Mr. Reno Sinagra, our Head Running Coach, for his outstanding efforts in preparing the team. We also extend our appreciation to Mr. Siveira, Ms. Ciavarra and Ms, Tremaine for their invaluable support leading up to the event and on the day.

Congratulations to the following individuals who placed in the Top 30 in their Category

 William McIvor -  Year 8 - 13th
Niamh Jones -  Year 10 - 14th
Henrique Perez  -  Year 9 - 16th
Mason Fidzewicz  -  Year 10 - 23rd
Tia Kins -  Year 11 - 23rd
Oliver LeFort -  Year 11 -  24th
Holly McAnuff -  Year 10 -  27th
Brett Mitchell -  Year 12 -  28th
Callum Morgan -  Year 10 -  29th


Age Group Placings

Under 13 -  4th
Under 14 -  11th
Under 15 -  17th
Under 16 -  3rd
Under 19 -  8th

 Aggregate Girls -  7th
Aggregate Boys -  7th
Overall Combined Aggregate -  5th

Nisha Mudaliar