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Term 2

Welcome to Week 10

The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ - Av԰ Christi – is a significant event in the life of the Church and celebrates the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Pope Francis says that “God’s presence in the Eucharist is a reminder of His presence in the world and an invitation for the faithful to imitate Him in bringing hope to others through loving service.”

During the celebration of this year’s Solemnity of the Av԰ Christi, Pope Francis said the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist demonstrates that God “is not distant and jealous, but close and in solidarity with humanity; a God who does not abandon us but always seeks, waits for and accompanies us, even to the point of placing Himself, helpless, into our hands, subjecting Himself to our acceptance or rejection.”

Pope Francis said that God’s “real presence also invites us to be close to our brothers and sisters wherever love calls us.”

These words from Pope Francis align very well with the theme of our Av԰ Christi Day celebrations last week, “The Spirit of Love’’. Our celebrations commenced with a special Mass which set the scene for what was a fabulous day where we paused to recognise the rich history and special culture of the College whilst reflecting on the importance of the Eucharist in our lives.

In speaking to our community and exploring the theme of the “The Spirit of Love”, I referenced Jesus’ words from the Gospel when He said “love one another as I have loved you”. To love one another, we need to know and love who we are ourselves – this means to celebrate the personal gifts that each of us has. We should strive to be our best selves always, to have the confidence to shine our light from the roof top and to courageously step outside of our comfort zone. Of course, we need to remain humble and forever gracious to God for the talents He has gifted us.

In truly being Christ’s eyes hands and feet on earth, we then use our gifts to the full to reach out to others. We treat them with kindness, and respect and model Jesus through acts of justice and mercy. We are compassionate, we forgive, and we serve. We see others for who they are, accept them wholeheartedly and are genuinely present for them.

This is the type of community that we promote at our school – it is our mission, our purpose. All who choose to be a part of our school therefore have a critical role to play in committing to living out our mission every day. We all have an important responsibility in continuing to shape our wonderful Av԰ story and culture and actively contribute to our special community.

We of course have three guiding values to help us achieve this mission and fulfill this important responsibility – that is to be committed, to be courageous and to be compassionate.

We then have a school that collectively strives toward our wonderful vision of being Outstanding for Others. What a very special community to be a part of – one that we were very proud to recognise and celebrate on our Av԰ Christ Feast Day.

I would like to acknowledge Fr CJ Millen for celebrating our Mass. We thank him for joining us on this significant day and sharing his wisdom and reflections with us. We also acknowledge the amazing College choir, the Ministry team and our terrific student leaders for their valuable contribution to the Mass.

We were thrilled to have two very special guests present at the Mass, namely past Av԰ Christi College Principals Mr Tony Curtis (1986 – 1993) and Mr David Heath (1994 – 1999). We acknowledge their enormous contribution to the College that helped shape the flourishing school community that we are most proud to be a part of today.

In continuing the celebrations following Mass, staff and students were involved in a range of planned activities and events across the remainder of the day. Our Feast Day was an outstanding success, with students fully investing themselves in the multiple activities and events on offer. The day was also an important fundraising event where we raised significant money for key organisations supporting those in need.

It was a real privilege to see our PP-12 school community gather together as one to celebrate the day. I am very grateful to our incredible staff who gave of their time and expertise so generously to ensure the success of the day. I would also like to recognise our Year 12 leadership group for their outstanding contribution to the day.

Best wishes and every blessing.

Jeff Allen


Av԰ Christi College Principals Mr Tony Curtis (1986 – 1993) and Mr David Heath (1994 – 1999).


Support the Vinnies Winter Sleep Out and Make a Difference!

The Av԰ Christi College Vinnies Winter Sleep Out is scheduled for Friday 21 June where many of our students will be spending one night “sleeping rough” to understand the challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness.

Please join in supporting our students as they aim to raise awareness and funds for those in need. With around 122,500 homeless in Australia, your donation can make a real difference. Contribute to the cause today!

Best wishes,

Damian Ramos

Deputy Catholic Identity and Mission


College Calendar Tips

Maximize Your Engagement with the College Calendar!

Did you know our College Calendar offers dual access? It’s publicly available online for general viewing, but signing in reveals a richer, more detailed schedule.

We understand the importance of keeping up with your child’s school activities. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the College Calendar effectively. This tool is essential for parents eager to be involved in their child’s educational path.

Follow our easy step-by-step instructions to make the most of the calendar and support your child every step of the way. Check out the Parent Calendar Overview on our IT Helpdesk for all the details you need: Parent Calendar Overview - IT Helpdesk.

The Yidarra Uniform Donation Drive: A Story of Generosity and Impact

The Friends of Av԰ spearheaded a uniform donation drive that resonated with the spirit of giving.

The call was simple, asking families to donate their gently used Yidarra uniforms. The response was overwhelming and contributed to a mountain of generosity.

As the drive concluded, not only have we supported our local community, but we have also extended our reach to Christian schools in Nigeria and West Africa. The Purposeful Clothing Collection and Recycling Workshop (PCCRW) ensured that each uniform would find a new life, recycled and repurposed for those in need.

And the story doesn’t end here. Tubs will remain outside classrooms, a testament to our ongoing commitment. For those who wish to continue donating, the opportunity remains open.

Thank you to the Friends of Av԰ and those who have generously donated.


Uniform Shop Tips

Winter Skirts

The College has received feedback regarding some issues with the winter skirt zips “splitting” when any pressure or force is applied to them. The College has followed up with the supplier and we are pleased to advise the below.

If the zip tag is left as per Figure 1, the zip will “split”. However, if the zip is locked into place as per Figure 2 it will stay in place and not “split”. This should alleviate the problem. However please contact the Uniform Shop if there are still any issues.

Elastic tie loops

Some students are finding the loop from the elastic ties to be too long around their necks. Following discussions with our supplier, we can advise that it is possible to shorten the loop. By pulling apart the plastic loop you can access the elastic and shorten it to whatever length you would like it to be. The loop can then be rotated so that the elastic knot is hidden under the tie knot.

We appreciate all feedback, so please continue to contact the Uniform Shop at Uniform@corpus.wa.edu.au

Enrolments Update

Year 7 2026 – Progressing Enrolment Applications has commenced!  

We have some vital information for all new and existing families who are interested in a place for Year 7 in 2026, as follows: 

Year 7 2026 Enrolment Applications – siblings of current Av԰ Christi College. 

The College has received a high demand for places for the Year 7 2026 cohort, and spaces are now limited.   We wish to remind current families who have a Year 5 child enrolled at another primary school that they are required to lodge an enrolment application if they are seeking a place for Year 7 in 2026. We also welcome you to contact our Enrolments Team if you have indeed lodged a sibling enrolment application for Year 7 in 2026, and have not yet received communication from our Team.  For noting, current College Year 5 2024 students are not required to lodge enrolment applications for Year 7 in 2026.

Year 7 2025 cohort

The Enrolments Team at Av԰ Christi College is finalizing Year 7 placements for 2025. Current Year 6 families have been informed about the continuation of enrolment into Year 7. Families whose children will not return for Year 7 in 2025 should inform the Enrolments Team as soon as possible. No action is needed from those continuing to Year 7 as transition information will be provided later this year.

Kindergarten 2027 – Apply now!

Applications are opened for our Kindergarten 2027 Program, for children born between 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023.  

Our Enrolments Team will commence progressing Kindergarten 2027 enrolments in early 2025.  If you are interested in a place for Kindergarten in 2027, or know a family who is also interested, please lodge an enrolment application at your earliest convenience to avoid missing out on a place. 

Lodging an Enrolment Application at Av԰ Christi College

For ALL Years, enrolment applications are lodged online here.



Exciting Co-curricular Activities Coming Up in Term 3!

Anticipation is building as we gear up for a new term filled with engaging co-curricular activities for both our Junior and Senior students.

We’re thrilled to reveal that Av԰ Auskick AFL will be available for Years PP – 3, led by the skilled coaches of Brentwood Booragoon Junior Football Club. These sessions are scheduled for Monday afternoons at 3.30pm throughout Term 3. Additionally, we’re gathering interest for AFL sessions tailored for Years 4-6.

Expressions of interest will also be sought for both regular and special cricket clinics, courtesy of Bateman Cricket Club.

 Registration for these activities will open in Week 1 of Term 3. Stay tuned for upcoming registration details, which will encompass all necessary information and the exciting opportunities awaiting in Term 3!


Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we approach the final two weeks of school for this term, it's incredible to reflect on how much we've accomplished this term. Term two has been filled with celebrations and growth for all our students. We've enjoyed assemblies, carnivals, musical recital nights, and much more. As we wind down, it's no surprise that we might be feeling a bit tired and ready for a well-deserved break.

Av԰ Christi Day offers us a unique opportunity to celebrate an important feast day for our College. It's a time for our entire K to 12 community to come together in prayer, showcasing our talents and skills, and reflecting on what it means to be Outstanding for Others. This year's theme, "Spirit of Love," is beautifully captured in the passage from Corinthians 12, which states, "Many gifts, but one spirit; the spirit of love." 

Over the weekend, while enjoying the lovely winter sun, I took a moment to reflect on the wonderful moments we've shared during Av԰ Christi Day. The day began with our students collaborating and reflecting on the meaning of being Outstanding for Others, which they represented on puzzle pieces. Each cohort then assembled these pieces to form a single heart, symbolizing the unification of many gifts into one spirit. Starting the day with this reflective activity, followed by a community Mass, truly set the tone for a meaningful celebration.

Students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 then participated in a variety of engaging activities, including belly bumps, an obstacle course, a silent disco, a lapathon, and much more. It was a day filled with joy, teamwork, and the spirit of love, reinforcing the values that bind us together as a community.

The day concluded with a spectacular talent show, where students from all year levels showcased their incredible talents. From singing and dancing to magic tricks and musical performances, the talent show highlighted the diverse skills and creativity within our community. It was a wonderful way to end the day, celebrating not only our individual gifts but also the spirit of unity and love that defines our College.

 First Holy Communion:

This weekend is a very special time for our Year 4 students as they celebrate their First Holy Communion. I am excited to share this joyful occasion with you and your families. It's a beautiful moment where our students receive the Holy Eucharist for the first time, marking an important step in their faith journey. Let's come together in celebration and prayer, enjoying this milestone with love and happiness.

Term 3 Calendar:

I encourage all parents to continue to check the college calendar for upcoming events. We have had to reschedule a few assemblies:

  • 5 Green Assembly – moved to Tuesday 20 August in the Theatre

  • PP Green Prayer Assembly – moved to Tuesday 30 July in the Theatre

  • PP Blue Prayer Assembly – moved to Tuesday 13 July in the undercover area

  • Year 1 Blue – Moved Tuesday 27 August in the theatre.

Parking at drop-off areas:

Thank you for your continued support in adhering to road and street regulations when dropping off and collecting their child/ren.

  • Please refrain from using the Marengo Drive no-entry zone to enter the Kindy/PP parking bays.

  • Kiss and drop-off bays: parents are to remain in their car for collection and not park in these zones.

  • Av԰ Australia car park – please avoid using this area as a kiss-and-drop zone.

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday 17 June – FHC Retreat

  • Thursday 20 June – FHC Reconciliation

  • Saturday 22 June – FHC Mass

  • Friday 28 June – End of Term

  • Saturday/Sunday 29-30 June – FHC Gifts at Mass

As we conclude this term, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all parents for their unwavering support and collaboration. Your dedication and involvement play a crucial role in our students' success. I look forward to welcoming everyone back next term, refreshed and ready for new achievements. Have a wonderful and safe break!

 Warm regards,

 Katya Anderson

Head of Junior School


Whole School Crazy Sock Day: June 28 (Week 11)

We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming Crazy Sock Day on June 28, 2024! This creative event was inspired by two remarkable student leaders from Year 6: Lucy Cmrlec and Karthik Binu. Their idea to raise funds for LifeLink has blossomed into a school-wide initiative that embodies our core values of courage, commitment, and compassion.

Event Details:

  • Date: June 28, 2024 (last day of term)

  • Theme: Crazy Socks

  • Purpose: To support LifeLink

  • Participation: All students and staff across K-12.

  • Donation: Students are kindly requested to bring a gold coin donation on the day

Term 3 Week 1 Commences: Tuesday 16 July 2024.

Please always refer to the College Calendar for the latest updates.


We encourage our Senior School families to take a look at the latest edition of our ‘Pathways’ newsletter, your compass for navigating the future! In this issue, we’re excited to share a treasure trove of career information that will guide you toward your professional aspirations. Discover a world of possibilities with our comprehensive careers guide, stay informed with the upcoming Career Expo event dates, and gain insights from industry experts. Whether you’re taking your first steps or looking to leap into a new adventure, ‘Pathways’ is here to illuminate the journey ahead:


Claire Vink-Mutton

In the competitive world of youth netball, Claire Vink-Mutton has emerged as a shining example of dedication and skill. Her journey began with an arduous three-phase trial in November 2023, where her tenacity and talent caught the eyes of selectors. Earning a coveted spot on the Fremantle Netball Association’s top side 13/1 for the WA Netball Associations carnival was no small feat, marking the pinnacle of achievement for her age group.

As goalkeeper (GK) and goal defense (GD), Claire’s agility and defensive prowess were on full display. Over the course of two intense days, her team battled valiantly against other top-tier Division 1 Associations. Despite narrowly missing the Grand Final by a mere point, the experience was invaluable.

Reflecting on her progress from last year’s position on the 12/3 team, Claire’s advancement to the top echelon is not just a personal victory but an inspiration to her peers. Her remarkable improvement and unwavering spirit have made her a beacon of success, embodying the true essence of sportsmanship and growth. Well done Claire!

World’s Greatest Shave

We are thrilled to announce the success of our participation in the World's Greatest Shave! With the collective courage of our students and staff, we've taken a stand against blood cancer. Our community's commitment to this cause has been nothing short of inspiring, leading us to raise an impressive $1600. This achievement is a testament to the compassion that lies at the heart of our school's values. We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who participated and contributed. Your support makes a world of difference. For those who still wish to donate, it's not too late to make an impact. Let's continue to show our support and compassion for those affected by blood cancer. Thank you for embodying the spirit of our school and for making a positive change in the world.

Share Your Story

We love celebrating student success, so if you have a story to share please send details and a photo to: enews@corpus.wa.edu.au


Learn to Swim at Av԰

Av԰ Christi College offers a Learn to Swim Program onsite at the Jennifer Reilly Aquatic Centre. The aquatic centre features a covered and heated 25 metre, eight-lane indoor lap and water polo pool, a separate 12 metre learn-to-swim pool and terrace seating for 180 people.

Our Learn to Swim Program is facilitated by Speed With Style, a company who provide a unique approach to swim teaching called Individualised Custom Teaching, which was developed by Dr Nigel Williams in collaboration with head coach and Speed with Style Founder - John Williams.

The Learn to Swim program is available to both Av԰ Christi College students and those external to the College.

You can register and find more information about Speed with Style here:


Perth Goju Karate teaches karate classes in your local area.

 A special offer for the school’s students - 4 WEEKS FREE beginners karate lessons!

Classes are held after school and are a great way for children of all ages to learn self-defense in a fun and safe environment.

We also teach classes for teens and adults and they are fantastic for fitness, wellbeing and of course, self-defense.

Classes continue over the school holidays (with a short break over the Christmas period) which makes it perfect for the kids who are looking to try something on the holidays. Karate has many benefits which include confidence, respect, discipline and fitness.

Sensei Johnny Moran - 0402 830 402 or visit the


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