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Welcome to Term 2

Welcome to Week 8

It is wonderful to be back in our College community after being away on leave during the month of May. In stepping back into the College, I am again reminded of the vibrant nature of our school where student growth opportunities are rich and plentiful, delivered by passionate and dedicated staff.

I would like to acknowledge Mr Tim Shanassy who fulfilled the short-term Principal role in my absence and thank the other Executive team members for their additional input and support during this time.

I feel truly blessed to be part of our outstanding community and privileged to journey with our students each day.  As a staff we take this responsibility very seriously and fully appreciate the important role of parents as the first educators of their children. Our aim is to partner with parents in support of the alignment of values and a continuity of language to support the holistic growth of students.

Our young people are growing up in a challenging and rapidly changing world. Therefore, it is critical for us as a whole community to provide consistent and predictable conditions which create a safe, nurturing environment where students can flourish. At Av԰ Christi, we believe that these consistent and predictable conditions can be created at school when parents and staff together model living our values. 

As with all members of our community, we challenge our students to live out the values of Courage, Commitment and Compassion every day. We expect them to be able to demonstrate these values in everything that they do, whether it be courage to learn from failures, showing commitment to academic studies, or compassion for others. These values will stand our students in very good stead in navigating their world ahead and support them to make good and moral decisions.

In fulfilling our Vision of being ‘Outstanding for Others’ we encourage all within our community to commit to being the good Samaritan and to have the courage and compassion to reach out to others in need and treat one another always with respect and care. In this way we make Jesus genuinely real in our community – we are the Av԰ Christi, the Body of Christ:

“Christ has no body now but yours. No hands, no feet on earth but yours. Yours are the eyes through which He looks compassion on this world. Yours are the feet with which He walks to do good. Yours are the hands through which He blesses all the world. Yours are the hands, yours are the feet, yours are the eyes, you are His body. Christ has no body now on earth but yours.”  St Teresa of Avila 

If we as a community collectively aim to be the Body of Christ through our words and actions and live out our values in a genuine way, then we create a trusting and caring community that allows our students to flourish.

At Av԰, we are working hard to provide the best conditions where students are ready to learn. We want to provide highly engaging learning environments where students can be outstanding in their chosen field. To ensure we deliver these learning environments, the two College pillars of Learning and Community are working together to ensure alignment.

Staff have embarked on a two-year training program based on the nationally renowned Berry Street Education Model (BSEM). “Shaped by 140 years of experience, decades of research and thousands of dedicated teachers, the BSEM helps educators gain new perspectives, strategies and skills to build safer, healthier and more engaging classrooms for all students”. This training will assist in the further establishment of consistent predictable routines across the College that students need to help them engage with their learning.

We look forward to sharing our learning with our parents into the future in support of the continued alignment of language between home and school. It is an exciting time to be part of our Av԰ community, which continues to strive to provide the best possible learning environment for our students.

We celebrate the gifts of all of our students who make up the mosaic that is the Av԰ Christi. We acknowledge the efforts of students who are stepping forward with full energy to involve themselves in the life of the school – it is wonderful to see them thriving and developing holistically at our school.

Best wishes and every blessing.

Jeff Allen


Year 10s connecting with Year 3s through storytelling building CONNECTION across the K-12.


Join the Vinnies Winter Sleep Out and Make a Difference!

Are you ready to be Outstanding for Others?

The Av԰ Christi College Vinnies Winter Sleep Out is your chance to experience homelessness firsthand while supporting a great cause. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • When: Friday 21 June

  • Who: Years 10-12 students and Staff

  • What: Spend one night “sleeping rough” to understand the challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness.

  • Why: Beyond raising awareness, this event gathers essential funds for programs aiding people in poverty.

  • Statistics: On any given night, approximately 122,500 people in Australia are homeless.

  • Your Role: Register now and commit to raising a minimum of $50.00 for the St. Vincent De Paul winter appeal and participate in a sleep-out experience. 

  • Rewards: Earn 3 Acts of Service points toward the Outstanding for Others program.

  • Preparation: Bring your sleeping bag, pillow, warm clothing, backpack, toothbrush, torch, favourite teddy bear, snacks, and any necessary medications. We will also meet with students to discuss what other items may be required to assist with sleeping rough. 

Register today and be part of the solution! 

Best wishes,

Damian Ramos

Deputy Catholic Identity and Mission



Dear College Community,

Exciting News! Mark your calendars because Av԰ Christi Day is just around the corner!

On Friday, June 14, our entire school community—from Pre-Primary to Year 12—will come together for a day filled with fun, camaraderie, and memorable moments.

Please be reminded that participation in the Av԰ Christi Day festivities is compulsory for all students as we celebrate our College’s Feast Day. We kindly request all appointments (medical, dental, etc) be shifted away from this day so students can be fully present and embrace the entirety of the day.

This is a student only event, and the school schedule will follow the usual Friday start and finish times.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bell Times:

  • Usual Friday start and finish times.


  • Junior Students: Junior students should wear their sport uniforms (no house shirts, please). Year 6 Students are able to wear their Leavers Shirt.

  • Senior Students: Senior students to wear house uniforms.

We encourage all students to wear sunscreen, hats and bring water bottles.

Recess and Lunch:

  • Everyone should bring their own recess and lunch.

  • Years 6-12: While you will need to bring your own lunch, we’ve got additional food options available for purchase on the day.

Activities Galore:

We’ve lined up an exciting array of activities for our students in Pre-Primary to Year 5. From thrilling games to creative activities, there’s something for everyone.

Cost Details:

  • Pre-Primary to Year 5: there will be no cost on the day.

  • Year 6 to Year 12: We encourage your child to bring some pocket money (around $10-$20) so they can purchase items and engage in additional activities at their discretion. Just a friendly reminder: no notes larger than $5, please and all proceeds from these activities will go to our charity fundraiser, Lifelink.

We will share more details about the event in due course. We are looking forward to a day filled with joy, unity, and the spirit of love!

Best wishes,

Patrick Woolley

Deputy of Community


College Calendar Tips

Maximize Your Engagement with the College Calendar!

Did you know our College Calendar offers dual access? It’s publicly available online for general viewing, but signing in reveals a richer, more detailed schedule.

We understand the importance of keeping up with your child’s school activities. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the College Calendar effectively. This tool is essential for parents eager to be involved in their child’s educational path.

Follow our easy step-by-step instructions to make the most of the calendar and support your child every step of the way. Check out the Parent Calendar Overview on our IT Helpdesk for all the details you need: Parent Calendar Overview - IT Helpdesk. 📖


Donate your second-hand Yidarra Uniforms

From June 4th to June 14th, join our uniform donation drive. Organised by the Friends of Av԰ committee, this initiative benefits our local community and Christian schools in Nigeria and West Africa.

How to Participate:

  1. Gather: Collect your gently used Yidarra uniforms.

  2. Drop Off: Bring your donations to the baskets placed outside of classrooms.

  3. Purposeful Recycling: PCCRW will recycle and repurpose the uniforms.

Learn more at PCCRW Uniform Donation Thank you for your generosity!


Enrolments Update

Year 7 2026 – Progressing Enrolment Applications has commenced!  

We have some vital information for all new and existing families who are interested in a place for Year 7 in 2026, as follows: 

Year 7 2026 - Enrolment Applications for Siblings of Current Av԰ Students 

  • Do you have a child who attends another Primary school in Year 5 in 2024? 

  • Are you interested in a place for Year 7 in 2026 for your Year 5 child? And,

  • Do you have another child who is a current Av԰ student?  

If you have answered YES to all of the above questions, please lodge an enrolment application for your Year 5 child as soon as possible!
Current students' siblings must lodge their own enrolment application to be considered for a place at Av԰ Christi College. 
For noting, current Av԰ Year 5, 2024 students are not required to lodge enrolment applications for Year 7 in 2026.  

Kindergarten 2027 – Apply now!

If you have a child born between 1 July 2022 – 30 June 2023, please apply now for 4 Year Old Kindergarten commencing in 2027. 
While we will not be interviewing for this cohort until a few years’ time, places are limited and we encourage enrolment applications to be lodged in advance to avoid missing out on a place! 

Lodging an Enrolment Application at Av԰ Christi College

For ALL Years, enrolment applications are lodged online via our College website by clicking on this link: 



This week’s Wellbeing Blog focuses on navigating the complex world of friendships which can be both exciting and challenging for children. Friend groups and cliques are common phenomena, but they come with their own dynamics and implications.

Explore more from this week’s Wellbeing Blog, presented by URSTRONG:

Warm regards,

Luisa Rossi

Head of Wellbeing



Did you know that we host a student-run podcast? This week’s episode focuses on the College’s Vision for Learning, featuring Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning, Ms. Jenny Miraudo. If you’re interested in tuning in, visit the


Whole School Crazy Sock Day: June 28 (Week 11)

We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming Crazy Sock Day on June 28, 2024! This creative event was inspired by two remarkable student leaders from Year 6: Lucy Cmrlec and Karthik Binu. Their idea to raise funds for LifeLink has blossomed into a school-wide initiative that embodies our core values of courage, commitment, and compassion.

Event Details:

  • Date: June 28, 2024 (last day of term)

  • Theme: Crazy Socks

  • Purpose: To support LifeLink

  • Participation: All students and staff across K-12.

  • Donation: Students are kindly requested to bring a gold coin donation on the day

Term 3 Week 1 Commences: Tuesday 16 July 2024.

Please always refer to the College Calendar for the latest updates.


Celebrating Our Athletes: ACC Cross Country Carnival Recap

Dear Av԰ Community,

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the athletes who represented Av԰ at the ACC Cross Country Carnival held at Perry Lakes Reserve on Thursday, May 30. Despite challenging conditions, their positive team-first attitude and courageous performances out on the course were truly outstanding!


  • Many athletes achieved personal bests over the distance, while others reached individual goals they had set for themselves.

  • Av԰ finished the day in an impressive 5th place in the Overall Combined Trophy.

  • Considering the nearly 80 schools competing and the talented runners we were missing due to injury or illness, this result is a testament to our team’s resilience and determination.

Leadership and Grit:

  • Our Captains, Hayden Piper and Isabella Alves-Veira, led by example and inspired their peers.

  • The grit and determination of all our athletes, especially our youngest runners, were truly amazing.


  • Enormous thanks to Mr. Reno Sinagra, our Head Running Coach, for his brilliant work in preparing the team.

  • Special thanks to Mr. Siveira, Ms. Ciavarra, and Ms. Tremaine for their support in the lead-up and on the day.

Top Performers: Congratulations to the following individuals who placed in the Top 30 in their respective categories:

  • William McIvor (Year 8): 13th

  • Niamh Jones (Year 10): 14th

  • Henrique Perez (Year 9): 16th

  • Mason Fidzewicz (Year 10): 23rd

  • Tia Kins (Year 11): 23rd

  • Oliver LeFort (Year 11): 24th

  • Holly McAnuff (Year 10): 27th

  • Brett Mitchell (Year 12): 28th

  • Callum Morgan (Year 10): 29th

Age Group Placings:

  • U13: 4th

  • U14: 11th

  • U15: 17th

  • U16: 3rd

  • U19: 8th

Aggregate Results:

  • Aggregate Girls: 7th

  • Aggregate Boys: 7th

  • Overall Combined Aggregate: 5th

Join Us for Middle Distance Training:

We’d love to continue the momentum into the athletics season! Cross Country team members are invited to join us for Wednesday morning Middle Distance Training and Friday morning Middle Distance/Running Club sessions. These will be held on the oval and Piney Lakes Reserve, meeting at 7.25am for a 7.30am start, commencing Week 8 of Term 2 and continuing throughout Term 3.

Thank you for your unwavering support this Cross Country Season!

Warm regards,

Mr. Howard

Head of Sport

Interhouse Play is back!

Get ready for the return of the Interhouse Play!

Join us for ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail,’ hosted by the Arts. This student-led event, organised by your Year 12 SLT, is open to students in years 7-12 to join. Rehearsals will take place on Wednesdays after school in the Sadler Centre (exact time to be confirmed), with the first rehearsal scheduled for June 12th. Mark your calendars for the performance on August 21 in the Carolyn Payne Theatre. Interested in participating? Fill out the expression of interest form here:


Isla Emmerson

We are thrilled to share the remarkable accomplishments of Isla Emmerson, a dedicated Year 10 De Vialar student, who has been making waves in the lacrosse community. Isla was selected to represent Western Australia in the U18’s Lacrosse team, showcasing her exceptional skills at the National Australian Championships held in Melbourne over the Easter period.

In a nail-biting semi-final against Victoria, Isla’s prowess was on full display as she scored the decisive goal, securing an 8-7 victory and propelling the team into the final. The grand finale saw Western Australia go head-to-head with South Australia in a match that kept everyone on the edge of their seats. Despite a tough loss of 7-6, Isla’s contribution was monumental, scoring three goals and delivering an extraordinary performance throughout the game.

But the journey doesn’t end here. Isla’s passion and commitment to lacrosse are taking her to new heights as she prepares to travel to the United States in June. She will be participating in six lacrosse prospect camps and showcases, a testament to her ambition of playing lacrosse at the collegiate level in America. She has also been selected to represent Australia in the World Junior Box Lacrosse Championship in Septemeber.

Please join us in congratulating Isla on her impressive achievements and wishing her the best of luck as she continues to chase her dreams and represents on the international stage starting this month!

Callan Emmerson

We’re thrilled to announce that Callan Emmerson, a dedicated Year 8 student has been selected to represent our state in the Under 13s ice hockey team!

Callan’s passion for ice hockey shines through his 5 years of commitment to the sport. His hard work, determination, and love for the game have paid off, earning him a spot on the team.

The team is gearing up for an exciting adventure in Newcastle, New South Wales, where they’ll compete in the Ginsberg tournament this July. We wish Callan and the entire team the best of luck as they showcase their skills and sportsmanship on the ice!

Let’s rally behind Callan and celebrate his achievements!


Connor Smith

Congratulations to Connor Smith, a Year 11 student, for securing the 3rd place in the 14-15 age group during the Busselton Festival of Triathlon! His achievement is truly commendable and worth celebrating. Keep up the great work, Connor!

Share Your Story

We love celebrating student success, so if you have a story to share please send details and a photo to: marketing@corpus.wa.edu.au


Learn to Swim at Av԰

Av԰ Christi College offers a Learn to Swim Program onsite at the Jennifer Reilly Aquatic Centre. The aquatic centre features a covered and heated 25 metre, eight-lane indoor lap and water polo pool, a separate 12 metre learn-to-swim pool and terrace seating for 180 people.

Our Learn to Swim Program is facilitated by Speed With Style, a company who provide a unique approach to swim teaching called Individualised Custom Teaching, which was developed by Dr Nigel Williams in collaboration with head coach and Speed with Style Founder - John Williams.

The Learn to Swim program is available to both Av԰ Christi College students and those external to the College.

You can register and find more information about Speed with Style here:



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