Apple Distinguished School


Our Digital Creativity course features in Apple’s Everyone Can Create global promotional video.


Av԰ Christi College is one of few co-educational Apple Distinguished schools in Western Australia and is recognised as a world leader in the integration of technology to support teaching and learning.

We are a pioneering force in secondary education, boasting a superior IT-enabled learning environment delivering on our commitment to Ignite the Spirit through the use of cutting-edge technologies. Our future focused vision connects teachers, students and the community to the wealth of knowledge that exists in the world, and provides opportunities for students to learn in innovative and transformative ways.

Our Vision for Learning - Ignite the Spirit – is central to Digital Integration at Av԰ Christi College as we challenge every learner in our community to seize their potential and push the boundaries of possibility.


Learners flourish when they are interconnected with their peers and today’s world. In a fast-paced, ever-changing world where creativity and ideation are central to employers, we challenge our students to think ‘outside-the-box’ and engage with current ideas. This means we are committed to integrating digital learning opportunities that promote problem-solving, collaboration and critical thinking skills. Our Digital Creativity course features in Apple’s Everyone Can Create global promotional video. 


Learning is a process of reinventing and redefining ideas and bringing them to life. At Av԰, our students are not only consumers of knowledge by creators of content. By building a culture of creativity, students discover new talents and develop innovative ways to demonstrate learning. All learners are equipped with empowering and creative digital tools that enable them to be videographers, digital designers, music producers and more.


Instilling curiosity is fundamental to lifelong learning. The various digital technologies available to students enhance student learning as they provide students with engaging, authentic and relevant learning experiences and opportunities to interact with real world issues. All learners are encouraged to become resourceful, so they will continue to learn outside the formal school day and beyond graduation.


To be challenged is to recognise personal boundaries and push beyond them. Our cutting-edge digital learning platforms support our teachers in delivering self-paced, personalised content so students can take considered risks and engage in healthy struggle. Teachers are able to provide on-going digital feedback and support and give students access to 'just in time' information at their point of need.