College K-12 Uniform Launch

Effective January 2024

The new College Uniform design symbolises our K-12 community's blend of tradition and innovation, offering pride, comfort, and inclusivity. 

It is a reflection of our College's commitment to modern, holistic learning and encourages student confidence and involvement. Designed with input from the College community, it celebrates individuality and sustainability while connecting us to our history and values, inspiring us to be "Outstanding for Others."

Transition Period

The College is providing a two-year transition period for students to adopt the new uniform. The new uniform range will be required to be worn by all students from 1 January 2026.

All new families who commence at Av԰ Christi College in 2024 are strongly recommended (but not required) to purchase the complete new set of the new range of College uniforms. All new families may choose to purchase or reuse old uniforms as long as they are worn in the sets detailed above. You may purchase a new sports uniform set and wear the old summer or winter uniform.

The style of uniform for Year 1 and Year 2 students has changed significantly from a formal winter and summer uniform with a separate sports uniform to a single play-based uniform. Therefore, families are strongly encouraged to consider purchasing the new uniform in support of your child’s learning in a play-based environment in these early childhood years.

Your Feedback is Welcomed

All members of the College community are invited to provide feedback on the new K-12 College uniform by completing a short survey by . The College will monitor and summarise the responses and update information in response to the feedback and questions received.