Leadership Team 

The following Leadership Team, guides Av԰ Christi College towards its strategic goals:

  • Principal - Jeff Allen

  • Vice Principal - Tim Shanassy

  • Deputy Principal Catholic Identity & Mission - Damian Ramos

  • Deputy Principal Community - Patrick Woolley

  • Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning - Jenny Miraudo

  • Head of Junior School - Katya Anderson

  • Head of Community (K-6) - Danielle Damjanovic

  • Head of Teaching and Learning (K-6) - Carma De Groot

  • Business Manager - Marie-Dominique O'Connell

  • Director of College Operations - Sally Farrington

Strategic Direction


The strategic direction of the College is informed by research, both external and internal, and the goals are developed that are closely linked to the findings of this research. The collection and analysis of this data provides the College with measures of student performance, allowing us to obtain compelling evidence of academic success.

An extensive range of data is collected at different scales and by a variety of personnel: members of the Leadership Team, Heads of Learning Area (HOLAs), classroom teachers and support staff. This data is varied in nature and is both qualitative and quantitative, measuring achievement and attainment. Data is used for a variety of purposes, each of which links closely to the College goals and vision.


College Advisory Council

The primary purpose of the College Advisory Council is to provide advice and support to the Principal in order that the Principal may lead the College effectively as a Catholic school community, with its evangelising and educational mission shaped by spirituality and educational practice.  A secondary purpose is to help Av԰ Christi College to fulfil its educational responsibilities in accordance with the Constitution, in accordance with the policies and practices prescribed or recommended by the CEWA, and in accordance with Diocesan guidelines and prescriptions for the religious education program.