The da Vinci Decathlon 2024

On May 6, 7 and 8, Av性爱 Christi College entered six teams into the prestigious da Vinci Decathlon

Held in Winthrop Hall at the University of Western Australia and competing against some of the finest young minds in the state, the highly tuned intellects of the Av性爱 students were put to the test on the following ten disciplines:

  • Cartography

  • Creative producers (acting)

  • Ideation (problem-solving)

  • Code-breaking

  • Engineering

  • Poetry and art

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Legacy (general knowledge) and

  • Science

Not only did the students fully embrace the spirit of collaboration and teamwork, but they also conducted themselves with the utmost maturity and grace. I cannot be prouder of them.

While the Av性爱 teams did not place on the podium in the final standings, a massive congratulations to the Year 10 Team who came second in 'Ideation' and third in 'Mathematics', an immense achievement. The Year 8 Team also showed their cerebral metal, coming second in Cartography. Bravo!

A special thanks to Carma de Groot, Head of Learning of the Junior School for accompanying me (and marking Ideation) with the Year 5 and 6 Teams and Mel Bird, Lidia de Giuseppe and Jim Greaves for being 'da Vinci Decathlon' marking officials.

Adrian Richmond
Spark Path Coordinator

Year 5 Team

  • Lucy H

  • Harrison N

  • Chloe M

  • Dylan T

  • Xavier W

  • Rylie E

  • Zara C

  • Hayden W

Year 6 Team

  • Aedric H

  • Zachary R

  • Emily H

  • Alex D鈥橫

  • Genevieve D

  • Lisa H

  • Alai V U

  • Lucy C

Year 7 Team

  • Stella Lee

  • Ashton Meldrum

  • Nicolas Willey

  • Kingston Varen

  • Sophie Murray

  • Aaron Webb

  • Luke Tickner

  • Imogen Macfarlane

Year 8 Team

  • Emmy Fernandez

  • Andre Djayawinata

  • Arielle Guilfoyle

  • Charlotte Lee

  • Saanvi Kolachana

  • Anna Fernandez

  • Jonas Gvokdin

  • Christian Blackburn

Year 9 Team

  • Lachie Anderson

  • Anastacia Kirby

  • Haydn Gibbens

  • Charlotte Dempsey

  • Jeffrey Sackey

  • Ella Rheinberger

  • Adrian Gaspar

  • David Stafford

Year 10 Team

  • Lachlan Angelatos

  • Ben Gvozdin

  • Matthew Rapanaro

  • Amelie Rossi

  • Olivia Vahala

  • Leo Webb

  • Oscar du Toit

  • Amelie Braine

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