Lions Youth of the Year Competition

Year 12 Students Shine in Lions Youth of the Year Competition

We are thrilled to announce the remarkable achievements of three of our outstanding Year 12 students, Ruth Vincent, Joshua Diaz, and Hayden Piper, in the prestigious Lions Youth of the Year Competition.

The Lions Youth of the Year Competition, renowned for fostering leadership and public speaking skills, comprises two pivotal components: Public Speaking and Overall Youth of the Year.

Ruth Vincent & Joshua Diaz

At the Fremantle Club Heat held on Tuesday, March 12th, Joshua Diaz showcased exceptional prowess in public speaking, captivating the audience and impressing the judges with his entertaining impromptu speaking performance and eloquently prepared five-minute speech, all fully committed to memory! Although he faced stiff competition, his speech about the lessons gathered from his journey in the performing arts left an indelible mark and intrigued the Lions Members into his upcoming performance in the College Musical.

Ruth Vincent emerged triumphant in the Fremantle heat, clinching victory in the overall competition - a testament to her remarkable talent and dedication. Ruth is the College Public Speaking Captain who regularly coaches and mentors younger students in the College extra-curricular program. Her win is a huge source of inspiration to all but particularly, her team of Year 9 students who look up to her example.

Meanwhile, Hayden Piper took on a separate heat at The Lions Club of Atwell, where he exhibited exemplary skills in both the Public Speaking and Overall Youth of the Year categories, clinching victory in both areas of the competition. His outstanding performance about his passion for Basketball and Community Connections resonated with the judges, securing his well-deserved success.

Competing against students from esteemed institutions such as Perth Modern School, Rossmoyne SHS, and Christian Brother's College, our students showcased not only their academic prowess but also their leadership qualities and public speaking finesse.

The College is immensely proud of Ruth, Joshua, and Hayden for their stellar representation and commendable achievements in the Lions Youth of the Year Competition. Their dedication, talent, and commitment exemplify our vision of excellence that we strive to instil in all our students.

As they progress to the next round, the District Final scheduled for March 24th, let us continue to support and celebrate their successes. We wish them the very best and are confident they will continue to make us proud!

Public Speaking Club is held on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30pm – 4:30pm in Mayne Block.

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