E-News 21 March 2024


Welcome to Week 8, Term 1

Opportunities for Growth and Connection

As the end of a busy term rapidly draws to a close, we reflect on the amazing amount of Community, Learning and Catholic Identity opportunities available at the College. It has been very pleasing to see so many students invest heavily in the life of the school this term by engaging so enthusiastically in the events and activities on offer. It has been wonderful to see students reach out in support of one another, build connections, develop quality relationships and celebrate being part of this very special school community.

From the Opening Mass to our numerous club and sporting opportunities; from the multitude of excursions, camps and retreats through to our House events and celebrations, we aim to provide engagement opportunities for all students across our K-12 school. This philosophy has been very much in evidence over the past few weeks through several key calendared events:

Year 8 Av԰ and Retreat

  • This year we incorporated an outstanding Retreat experience into the Year 8 Av԰. Students were excellent, investing their time and energy fully in the activities presented. They stepped outside of their comfort zone to explore their faith and to connect with others. We acknowledge our superb staff, led by Head of Year 8 Allarice Barendilla, for shaping up this terrific growth opportunity for the students

Harmony Week

  • In celebrating the theme “Everyone Belongs”, we have had a range of activities unfolding across our K-12 school over the week. We celebrate our rich and diverse culture at Av԰ and promote a strong sense of inclusivity and belonging.

House Patron Week

  • This week we are celebrating Chisholm and DeVialar Houses with a festival of events happening over the week. This expanded model for 2024 allows a deeper connection with students and supports a boarder understanding of the charism of each House.

ACC Swimming Carnival

  • After many months of dedicated preparation, our Av԰ Christi College Senior Swim Team competes on Thursday this week at the ACC Swimming Carnival at HBF Area. Congratulations to our students for their enormous efforts in preparing to proudly represent the College. This event follows on from our successful Junior school team that won the Catholic Association of Primary School Sports Swimming competition earlier this term.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  • The premiere of our amazing whole school musical is rapidly approaching with students and staff hard at work over recent weeks in preparation for this signature event on the College calendar.

Junior School Mass

  • We are thrilled that different Junior school student groups are attending Mass on Thursday each week at the St Thomas More Parish. We are very grateful to Fr Phong and the Parish community for their support.

These are but a few of the plethora of events happening at our College as we strive to ‘ignite the spirit’ in our students to grow their gifts and talents to the full.

Friends of Av԰

Thank you to the many parents who attended our first Friends of Av԰ (FOC) meeting for the year. We were very grateful for the energetic input from engaged parents. It was a very enjoyable and constructive evening, with lots of excellent ideas and growth opportunities shared.

We were delighted to have College Executive team members present who chaired rolling workshops seeking important feedback on the key areas of the College Calendar and App, K-12 Uniform, Parent engagement system and College activities and events to date. We aim to seek regular and ongoing feedback across key initiatives at the College so we can continue to develop our holistic learning offerings and engagement opportunities.

Thank you again to our FOC Executive team who co-constructed the agenda with the College Executive team before the meeting. We have adopted the strategy of promoting the agenda to families before the FOC meeting to allow discernment beforehand and to provide clarity and transparency. I strongly encourage all parents and caregivers to attend our FOC meetings to add their important voices to the ongoing growth of the College.

College Uniform Summer/Winter Changeover

The College is supporting all students to transition from the summer to winter uniform with an additional two-week grace period into Term 2. Therefore, the winter uniform will be compulsory for all students from the commencement of Week 3, in Term 2. This is in recognition of the warmer weather which we have been experiencing, and to support families with extra time to purchase the winter items. If we have extended periods of warmer weather, this grace period will be re-assessed in early Term 2 and communication to families will be sent if there are any changes to this arrangement.


Given this is the last edition of eNews for the term, I would like to wish families all of the very best for an enjoyable holiday break, with the hope that you take the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.

I would like to again acknowledge the amazing staff that we have at the College who consistently go above and beyond to ensure that we consistently strive to provide the best possible learning environment for our students.

As we prepare for Easter and the Resurrection of Christ, may we reflect on the words of Pope Francis:

“Let us be renewed by God's mercy, let us be loved by Jesus, let us enable the power of his love to transform our lives too; and let us become agents of this mercy, channels through which God can water the earth, protect all creation and make justice and peace flourish”

Best wishes and every blessing.

Jeff Allen



Dear Parents and Guardians

As the end of Term 1 draws closer, I want to congratulate our Year 3 and 5 students on their successful undertaking of the 2024 NAPLAN assessments. I was impressed by their dedication and level of maturity as they sat NAPLAN, some of them for the first time. It brings to mind a poignant quote from the beloved children's book "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds: "Just make a mark and see where it takes you." Each student's journey through NAPLAN was like making that initial mark on a blank canvas, uncertain of what would unfold, yet bravely forging ahead. Like Vashti in the story, they discovered the potential within themselves, leaving their own unique mark on the pages of their academic journey. Just as Vashti learned to embrace her creativity, our students embraced the challenges of NAPLAN, showing resilience and determination. Their efforts are a testament to their growth and potential, and I couldn't be prouder of their achievements.

Week 8 has been filled with many activities and events across the College as we celebrated Harmony Week and Patron’s Week for Chisholm and de Vialar.

Harmony Week Reflection

Harmony Week this year was not only a celebration of cultural diversity but also a poignant reminder of our collective commitment to inclusivity and belonging. Under the theme "Everyone Belongs," our school community came together to reaffirm the importance of acceptance, respect, and unity. As students adorned themselves in attire representing their diverse cultural backgrounds, the message of inclusivity echoed loudly through the halls. Each colourful outfit became a symbol of belonging, a testament to the fact that regardless of our differences, we all have a place in our school community. Through shared laughter, dance, and stories, we embraced the beauty of our diversity while reinforcing the notion that every individual, regardless of background or heritage, is an integral part of our school family. Harmony Week reminded us that by embracing each other's uniqueness, we create a more vibrant, compassionate, and harmonious community where everyone truly belongs.

Patron Week

This week, the Junior students got to experience House Week, a beautiful College tradition that we are involved in with the introduction of the House structure to Junior School. Not only was this week a great opportunity to build that sense of belonging within each house group. It was also a chance for students to discover more about their Patron Saint. Here are some quick fun facts for children about the Patron Saints, Chisholm and de Vialar:

Saint Caroline Chisholm:

  • She became famous for her efforts to help immigrants in Australia during the 19th century.

  • She established shelters and employment opportunities for immigrants, particularly women and families, helping them settle into their new lives in Australia.

  • Caroline Chisholm's story teaches us about the importance of compassion, perseverance, and helping others, making her an inspiring figure for children to learn about.

  • Her legacy lives on today through her work in promoting social justice and helping those in need

Saint Emilie de Vialar:

  • Saint Emilie de Vialar was born in France in 1797.

  • She founded the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition, dedicated to caring for the sick and needy.

  • Saint Emilie de Vialar was known for her kindness and generosity towards the poor, especially during times of illness and hardship.

  • She believed strongly in the power of prayer and devoted her life to serving others.

  • Saint Emilie de Vialar is remembered for her courage and faith, inspiring people to help those in need and to live a life of compassion and service.

These Saints' stories can teach us about the importance of faith, kindness, and helping others, making them wonderful role models for children to learn from and admire.

Upcoming Events

Below are some upcoming events. Please check out our College calendar for further details.

  • Monday 25 March - Year 6 excursion to Parliament House

  • Tuesday 26 March - CAPSS Cricket Carnival

  • Thursday 28 March - Easter liturgy – led by Year 5 students

  • Thursday 28 March – Final day of Term 1

The end of Term 1 coincides with the end of Lent. This period of 40 days before Easter is a time for us to recalibrate our focus on what is truly important through prayer, almsgiving and fasting. Our students have demonstrated a spirit of generosity throughout the term in the way, they have supported our fundraising initiatives for Project Compassion. As we prepare for Holy Week and enter the Easter period, we encourage our families to contemplate this journey, and how we can be Easter people and bring new life into our communities through our relationship with God, ourselves and most importantly, each other.

I wish all our families a safe and restful break these coming holidays.

Warm regards
Katya Anderson
Head of Junior School

College Uniform Changeover

The College is supporting all students to transition from the Summer to Winter uniform with an additional two-week grace period into Term 2.

Therefore, the winter uniform will be compulsory for all students from the commencement of Week 3, in Term 2 (29 April 2024). This is in recognition of the warmer weather which we have been experiencing, and to support families with extra time to purchase the winter items. 

If we have extended periods of warmer weather, this grace period will be re-assessed in early Term 2 and communication to families will be sent if there are any changes to this arrangement.


Winter uniforms can now be purchased in the Uniform Shop and on Flexischools.
There are a few items that are not yet in stock, and we will be receiving delivery of these in April.

The Uniform Shop will be open during the school holidays on Friday, 12 April, 9am-3.30pm.

Online orders can be picked up from the James Nester Foyer:

  • Friday 5 April. 9am-3.30pm

  • Wednesday 10 April. 9am-3.30pm

  • Friday 12 April 9am-3.30pm



Upcoming College Events 

The latest events with detailed information can be found by visiting the events page.

Please always refer to the College Calendar for the latest updates.



Hottest Tickets in Town !

Tickets for the eagerly awaited College production of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" are now officially on sale!

Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of this beloved musical brought to life by our talented students. Get your tickets now for an unforgettable evening filled with adventure, laughter, and timeless music. Book your Tickets before they're gone and join us for an enchanting journey into the whimsical world of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Performances on 23, 24, 26 & 27 April 2024.



Pathways Hub

Upcoming University Open Days:

: 23 March 2024

  • : 24 March 2024

  • : 14, 21 & 28 April

  • : 5 May 2024

Any questions? Please reach out to Tamara Murphy, Head of Pathways.

Ms Tamara Murphy
Head of Pathways


The da Vinci Decathlon 2024

Held in Winthrop Hall at the University of Western Australia and competing against some of the finest young minds in the state, the highly tuned intellects of the Av԰ students were put to the test on the following ten disciplines:

  • Cartography

  • Creative producers (acting)

  • Ideation (problem-solving)

  • Code-breaking

  • Engineering

  • Poetry and art

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Legacy (general knowledge) and

  • Science

Not only did the students fully embrace the spirit of collaboration and teamwork, but they also conducted themselves with the utmost maturity and grace. Spark Path Coordinator, Mr Adrian Richmond, cannot be prouder of them!

Read the full story HERE.

Public Speaking success at the Lion Youth of the Year Competition

We are thrilled to announce the remarkable achievements of three of our outstanding Year 12 students, Ruth Vincent, Joshua Diaz, and Hayden Piper, in the prestigious Lions Youth of the Year Competition.

Read the full story HERE.

Year 8 Av԰ and Retreat

The Year 8 Av԰ and Retreat was a wonderful experience for all students. Students were given opportunities to connect with other homerooms and expand their interactions beyond their current friendship groups. Students were treated to some challenging activities that included a commando course, crate stack, archery and water-based activities. Aside from getting wet and muddy, great courage and resilience was shown in a safe and fun-filled environment. The retreat program provided time for stillness, reflection and unpacking our theme – Encountering Others.

It was wonderful to see students embrace the activities and participate in the right spirit. Our dedicated staff ensured students were cared for, encouraged and supported over the three days. Overall, the camp and retreat was a great success and a valuable experience for our Year 8 community.

View the photo gallery HERE.

Junior School ‘Friend-o-leaders’

This week we introduced our Year 6 ‘Friend-o-Leaders’ to our junior school students. Based on a peer mentorship model, our older students will support the younger students during recess and lunch breaks when faced with minor friendship issues.

Identifiable by their fluorescent pink vests, our ‘Friend-o-Leaders’ play a vital role in promoting inclusivity by fostering positive social interactions and in using learned strategies from the URSTRONG program to bring our whole-school friendship strategies to life.

Our Semester One Friend-o-leaders are:

Charmaine De Pinto, Alai Vidal Urresti, Sophie Mc Ferran, Katlyn Nguyen, Sophie Sim and Leah Stock.

Congratulations girls!

For more information on the above incentive and to locate any complementary resources, please access the URSTRONG website at .

Women in Code

On Friday, 8th March, 11 girls from Years 7 - 12 with Mrs Armenti participated in the ‘Women in Code’ Conference and Workshop at the West Coast Eagles- Mineral Resources Park in Lathlain.

This event aimed to inspire girls in STEM and Coding coincided with International Women’s Day, resonating with the importance of equal participation of Women.

Read the full story HERE.

Junior School Class Community Connector Announcement

We are thrilled to announce our 2024 Class Community Connectors who now officially begin their important role of fostering positive relationships within our college by partnering to support our Catholic Identity, Community, Learning and Stewardship pillar initiatives for their respective year/class group. 

Please see below for your year-level representative.

  • Kindergarten Blue: Kate Johnson &Susan Fenner

  • Kindergarten Green: Claire Weaver 

  • Pre-Primary Blue: Nicole Della Rocca & Tania Martino

  • Pre-Primary Green: Esteria Causerano

  • Year One Blue: Debbie Keene& Brigit Walker

  • Year One Green: Shalyn Klvana & Cristina Ambroglio

  • Year Two Blue: Carlie Jones

  • Year Two Green: Adam Neale

  • Year Three Blue: Jenene Luis

  • Year Three Green : Alyce Kraft

  • Year Four Blue: Rebecca Bogoevski

  • Year Four Green: Kiri Murray

  • Year Five Blue: Emma Cole Henley

  • Year Five Green: Jackie Lee

  • Year Six Blue: Padma Gibson& Ana Lopes

  • Year Six Green: Nancy Bottica

Congratulations to all our Class Community Connectors who will be in touch with their respective year-level families in the coming weeks.


Runner-up Champion Girl (Y6) - Grace Cross

Congratulations Grace Cross - Xavier on your placement of Runner-up Champion Girl: Year 6, at our Junior School inter-house swimming carnival earlier in the term.

We are so proud of the amazing perseverance and resilience you showed on the day Grace and look forward to cheering you on poolside at our next swimming meet.

Congratulations Grace!


Semi Finalist - Sarah M (Y6)

Congratulations to Sarah M for her journey to Victoria with her Willetton Tigers (WABL Team 2) to participate in the Southeast Junior Basketball Tournament. Sarah and her team achieved an impressive feat by reaching the semi-finals! This must have been an incredible experience, and we're sure you've created unforgettable memories along the way!


Share Your Story

We love celebrating student success, so if you have a story to share please send details and a photo to: marketing@corpus.wa.edu.au


Sacramental  Program

Sacramental classes for St Thomas More Parish commence on Wednesday the 7th February from 4.00pm, please enrol and upload all necessary certificates. There will be no enrolment day next year as all enrolments are online. (During class on 7 February, 2024, ‘Form 10 - Safeguarding’ will need to be completed.)

If you are experiencing difficulties in enrolling online please send us  an email on catechist.bateman@perthcatholic.org.au  or on 93101747 on Tuesday and a Wednesday.

All children (from pre-school age on) are warmly welcomed to attend the Religious Education Sacramental program. Special arrangements can be made for High School children and Av԰ Christi College children who may not have celebrated their age relevant Sacrament.

Sacramental dates for next year will be published at a later date this year.                                      


Learn to Swim at Av԰ Christi College

Av԰ Christi College offers a Learn to Swim Program onsite at the Jennifer Reilly Aquatic Centre. The aquatic centre features a covered and heated 25 metre, eight-lane indoor lap and water polo pool, a separate 12 metre learn-to-swim pool and terrace seating for 180 people.

Our Learn to Swim Program is facilitated by Speed With Style, a company who provide a unique approach to swim teaching called Individualised Custom Teaching, which was developed by Dr Nigel Williams in collaboration with head coach and Speed with Style Founder - John Williams.

The Learn to Swim program is available to both Av԰ Christi College students and those external to the College.

You can register and find more information about Speed with Style on the
College website: www.corpus.wa.edu.au/speed-with-style


Alumni Update

Mischa Pizzo (Class of 2023)

Mischa Pizzo is participating in 86K for a Cure to help find a cure for childhood cancer. Every month, 86 children are diagnosed with cancer. There is usually no known cause, treatment can go on for many years and it puts an enormous strain on family life. Mischa is conquering 86km for the 86 children who are diagnosed with cancer each month.

Together, we can help find a cure for childhood cancer and create safer, more effective treatments. Please to support my challenge to change the lives of kids with cancer.

Reporting of Absentees

If your child is absent from school there are a variety of ways in which parents can inform the College, more information is located HERE. Absentees can be reported through a variety of means, including the online form, SMS or email absentee@corpus.wa.edu.au. The least preferred method is via call due to the translation of the voice message being unclear at times, please reserve calling for emergencies only. It is very important that you provide your child’s full name, their classroom/homeroom, and the reason for their absence. Please ensure any emails are sent to Absentee@corpus.wa.edu.au and not individual staff email accounts within Student Services. The College will shortly be undertaking a review of the variety of methods used to report absences and is looking to streamlining the number of methods in which this can be done.

Enrolments Update

Year 7 2026 – Progressing Enrolment Applications has commenced!  

We have some vital information for all new and existing families who are interested in a place for Year 7 in 2026, as follows: 

Year 7 2026 - Enrolment Applications for Siblings of Current Av԰ Students 

  • Do you have a child who attends another Primary school in Year 5 in 2024? 

  • Are you interested in a place for Year 7 in 2026 for your Year 5 child? And,

  • You have another child who is a current Av԰ student?  

If you have answered YES to all of the above questions, please lodge an enrolment application for your Year 5 child as soon as possible!
Siblings of current students are required to lodge their own enrolment application in order to be considered for a place at Av԰ Christi College. 
For noting, current Av԰ Year 5, 2024 students are not required to lodge enrolment applications for Year 7 in 2026.  

Year 7 2026 – Enrolment Applications for New Families to Av԰

We have a high demand for places for the Year 7 2026 cohort year.  To avoid disappointment, we encourage all prospective families/students to lodge an enrolment application for Year 7 in 2026, as soon as possible.   

Kindergarten 2027 – Apply now!

If you have a child born between 1 July 2022 – 30 June 2023, please apply now for 4 Year Old Kindergarten commencing in 2027. 
While we will not be interviewing for this cohort until a few years’ time, places are limited and we encourage enrolment applications to be lodged in advance to avoid missing out on a place! 

Lodging an Enrolment Application at Av԰ Christi College

For ALL Years, enrolment applications are lodged online via our College website by clicking on this link: 

Withdrawing from the College Information

A reminder to parents, if you are withdrawing your child from the College you are required to give a Term's notice in writing. Failure to give adequate notice will result in a Term's fees being charged as per the terms and conditions of enrolment. 

To notify of your intent to withdraw, please submit the online form available here: .

Please do not hesitate to contact our Enrolments Team, should you have any further Enrolment questions:  enrolments@corpus.wa.edu.au.

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