Own Your Path

Year 11 Subject Selection

Av԰ Christi College is thrilled to unveil this exciting new phase in senior school pathway preparation for our Year 10 students and families. Building upon the success of our Own Your Path information evening in Term 2, we cordially invite students to explore the multitude of options available to them for Year 11.

In 2025, we are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of courses, catering to a wide range of interests and aspirations. Whether students are pursuing ATAR, General, or specialised Certificate courses (or a combination thereof), our pathways are designed to provide a launching pad for every inquisitive mind, talent, and passion within the year group. By offering such a diverse array of subjects, we ensure that each student has the opportunity to carve out their own unique educational journey, tailored to their interests and ambitions.

We encourage all Year 10 students and their families to actively participate in this pivotal decision-making process. By exploring the extensive range of courses we offer, students will be able to chart a path that aligns with their goals and maximises their potential for success in the years to come.

Click on each learning area below to access an overview of the courses on offer in 2025 and their pre-requisites.


Each pathway on offer to Year 11 students is summarised below:

  • In embarking on the enquiry path, students are required to consider the following:

    1. They are required to select a Minimum of 5 ATAR subjects (including English and/or Literature):It is essential for students to choose a minimum of 5 ATAR subjects for Year 11. Among these subjects, English and/or Literature are compulsory.

    2. The selection of subjects must include Religion and Life ATAR or Religion and Life General.

    3. Selecting only 4 ATAR subjects is not recommended for Year 11. Choosing a minimum of 5 ATAR subjects allows students to explore a broader range of disciplines, acquire diverse knowledge, and expand their future opportunities.

    4. There are pre-requisites for ATAR courses. Each subject or course will have specific requirements that need to be fulfilled for enrolment. Provisional entry to certain ATAR subjects is possible in consultation with the relevant Head of Learning.

    5. All students are required to study one List A subject and One List B subject. English and/or Literature is a List A subject.

  • Students considering the Work Wise path are required to consider the following points:

    1. Students are required to enrol in a total of 6 subjects for Year 11.

    2. English General and/or Literature General are compulsory, as is enrolment in Religion General.

    3. Students have a choice of four other subjects: there is flexibility in choosing four additional subjects based on their interests and goals. These subjects can include school-based certificate offerings, such as Certificate II in Sports Coaching, which provide practical skills and industry-specific knowledge.

    4. TAFE certificate offerings: Students also have the opportunity to enrol in certificate courses offered at TAFE . These courses may require off-site study at the respective TAFE campus one day a week, allowing students to gain valuable vocational training and experience.

    5. Endorsed work placement: Students can further enhance their study schedule by adding endorsed work placement. This provides practical work experience and allows students to apply their learning in real-world settings.

    6. Students who have not achieved OLNA status for Numeracy are required to enrol in Mathematics Essentials General as it provides essential mathematical skills and knowledge for students' academic progression.

    7. Students must enrol in at least one List A subject and one List B subject.

  • Introducing the Fusion Path, an exciting opportunity for students seeking to blend their studies and explore a range of academic options. When opting for this pathway, students should consider the following key points:

    1. Six subjects required, offering flexibility: Students can select a combination of ATAR, General, or Certificate courses to fulfil the total of six subjects. For instance, they may choose to study two ATAR subjects alongside other General or Certificate courses. This flexibility allows students to tailor their curriculum to their interests and aspirations.

    2. English and/or Literature, and Religion and Life are compulsory subjects, at either ATAR or General level.

    3. Students who have not achieved OLNA status for Numeracy are required to enrol in Mathematics Essentials General as it provides essential mathematical skills and knowledge for students' academic progression.

    4. Tertiary onboarding commences in Year 12: Students can explore tertiary onboarding options such as Curtin Uni Ready and Murdoch Flexi Track in Year 12. Applications for these courses open in Term 3 of Year 11, and each course requires a separate application. Academic performance during Year 11 is taken into consideration during the application process.

    5. Students must enrol in at least one List A and one List B subject.

  • Introducing the Spark Path, an exciting and dynamic offering for 2024, designed specifically for students who have demonstrated academic acceleration in Years 7-10. This pathway presents students with a unique opportunity to enhance their studies through industry partnerships and the completion of tertiary undergraduate units during their senior years of high school. While the Spark Path is tailored to suit each individual student, the following key points should be considered:

    1. Focus on 5 or more ATAR subjects: Students on the Spark Path generally pursue a rigorous academic program, typically studying 5 or more ATAR subjects. This level of commitment reflects their dedication to academic excellence and their readiness for advanced studies.

    2. Micro-credential courses at UWA: Students may have already commenced micro-credential courses at the University of Western Australia during Year 10, and they may wish to continue pursuing these courses in Year 11 and 12 as they provide students with valuable opportunities to delve deeper into specific subjects and gain university-level knowledge and skills.

    3. Curtin Rising Scholar program: Students on the Spark Path may have applied for the Curtin Rising Scholar program, which is an invitation-only program extended to eligible students during Term 2 of Year 10, 2023. This program offers students additional academic and research opportunities, allowing them to further excel in their chosen fields.

    4. Pursuit of industry experience: Students on the Spark Path may be eager to gain practical industry experience alongside their academic studies. They are willing to add this valuable experience to their workload and study schedule, recognizing the benefits it brings to their future career prospects.

    The Spark Path is an extraordinary opportunity for motivated and high-achieving students to further accelerate their academic journey and develop a strong foundation for future success. Av԰ Christi College is committed to supporting students on this path, facilitating industry partnerships, providing guidance on tertiary unit selection, and offering resources to ensure a seamless integration of industry experience with their studies.