Dear Parent/Guardian

 In 2003 the Yidarra Catholic Primary School Board funded the purchase of an ‘Emergency Management Manual’, a manual providing processes and procedures aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of students, staff, parents, guardians and visitors to Av԰ Christi College.  This manual meets the requirement of the Catholic Education Office that all Catholic schools have in place stringent planned responses to emergency situations.

 One of the core safety procedures of the manual is a “s-/-dzܳ” policy for all those entering Yidarra during the school day.  This policy extends to parents, guardians, contractors, sales representatives, etc and requires that they present to the School Office and “s-” before proceeding to other areas of the school.  They must then return to the office to “s-dzܳ” before departing the premises.  There are no exemptions to this requirement.

All those visiting Av԰ Christi College to help in classrooms, cafeteria, etc, including accompanying younger children, must present to the office, sign-in and wear the Visitor’s sticker before proceeding to other areas of the school.

Anyone arriving at a classroom or moving around the school without a visible Visitor’s Pass will not be granted access to students and will be asked to go to the office. While these procedures may cause short time delays and some inconvenience, the security of persons and property will be considerably improved, e.g. should there be the need to evacuate the school premises; we will have an account of everyone on our property.  Similarly, the security of children where specific court issued parenting orders exist will be enhanced.

Parents and guardians are asked to ensure that anyone visiting Av԰ Christi College on their behalf are made aware of this policy.

Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation with the implementation of this policy.



 Students Leaving Premises – Signing In/Out:

  1.  Parents are required to complete the Students Leaving Premises Register on the Reception desk if they are collecting their children from school during school hours for appointments or other reasons.

  2.  An Authority Slip is then given to the parent and this must be handed to the class teacher or duty teacher before the child is permitted to leave the school premises. 

  3.  If a person other than the parent is collecting the child, a written and signed note and contact phone number must be provided to the school by the parents.  The Students Leaving Premises Register must also be completed by the nominated person and an Authority Slip is then given.

  4.  Identification may be requested at any time at the discretion of the school.

  5.  On return to school, a return authorisation slip must be completed and given to the teacher upon arrival to class.


 Visitor’s Pass – Signing In/Out:

  1.  All visitors to the school, including parent volunteers, must sign in and out in the Visitor Register located on the Reception desk in the Administration Office and wear the Visitor’s Pass for the whole period they are on the school premises.  On leaving the school premises, visitors must sign out in the same register, tear up the Visitor’s Pass and place it in the bin provided. 

    NB: Parents who bring toddlers or other children with them, must also complete a slip for those children.

  2. In the event of an evacuation, all visitors must report to the person in charge at the assembly point for evacuations located on the school oval.