The Pre-Kindergarten (3YO) Program at Av԰ Christi College is currently offered on Thursdays from 8.50am – 2.50pm.

What is a 3-Year-Old Educational Program?

The 3YO education programs are those which operate at a school as part of an education course. The 3YO education program is only available to children who have turned three years of age. It is not available to children who have not yet turned three years of age. The program is provided to the children on a sessional basis. This means children will only attend for some portion of the week. This differs from programs offered to 3 year olds in child care which are offered for longer periods of time and are bound by the Child Care Act 2006.

A Catholic 3YO program endeavours to provide a learning environment that is concerned with the development of the whole child. This includes all the developmental domains, physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional and spiritual. While this is the basis for all 3YO programs each will differ according to the community it is located within. It is essential that when planning and developing a 3YO program it responds to the needs of the local community. A 3YO education program introduces schooling for children and their families and sets the foundation for future school learning.

Aims of a 3- Year-Old Education Program

The aims are to:

• Promote school readiness in the children, families and school.

• Encourage self help and independence in young children.

• Enhance the development of the whole child across the physical, social and emotional, language, cognitive and spiritual domains.

• Assist children to develop a positive self image and self efficacy.

• Encourage parent participation in the school environment.

• Provide an aesthetically pleasing environment that encourages learning in the young child.

• Create a safe, secure and nurturing physical and human environment.

• To acknowledge, value and celebrate each child’s individuality.

• Make available support to parents in relation to the child’s development.

• Include flexibility in the program which allows for individuals needs of each child.

• Provide a developmentally appropriate program for three-year-old children.

Application Requirements

  • Complete an online application form.

  • Submit a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate (an original copy must be presented for sighting prior to commencement)

  • Baptism Certificate (if applicable).

  • Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Immunisation History Statement no more than 2 months old

    • AIR Immunisation History Form, no more than six months old, if the child is on a catch-up schedule

    • AIR Immunisation History Form, no more than six months old, if the child is on a catch-up schedule

    • A valid immunisation certificate issued or declared by the Chief Health Officer

  • Other relevant information such as health conditions or other needs.

  • Parenting Orders (where relevant).

  • $55 Application Fee – non-refundable, and payable by, Bank Transfer or EFTPOS by contacting the school office.

Fees for 3YO Pre-Kindergarten Program

  • $75 full-day session.

  • Fees payable by direct debit.

  • No refunds for missed sessions.

  • No refunds for withdrawal from the program.

  • No sibling discounted fees.

  • Health Care Card discounts not applicable.

  • An account will be issued on commencement of the program and is payable via Direct Debit

For enquiries please contact the Enrolments Team: or 6332 2500.