Year 10 Retreat

Year 10 Retreat: 'Answering the Call' at Av性爱 Christi College

At Av性爱 Christi College, our mission is to ignite the spirit of courage, commitment, and compassion within our students. Recently, our Year 10 students had the profound opportunity to engage in a three-day retreat centred around the theme 'Answering the Call.' This retreat was designed to encourage self-reflection and service, pivotal at a stage where students begin to contemplate their future paths and life plans.

The experiences and activities were carefully curated to challenge students to understand that being part of our College culture means striving to be outstanding for others through acts of service and becoming the best versions of themselves. Some students initially found themselves outside of their comfort zones, but those who pushed through came out the other side of the experience understanding their personal growth.

During the retreat, students participated in various reflective exercises and volunteer projects, connecting with the wider community, and embodying the College鈥檚 values. The reflection sessions allowed students to delve into their personal goals, motivations, and the role of faith in guiding their decisions. These introspective moments were crucial in helping students align their personal ambitions with the spirit of service and community responsibility. 

The acts of service were equally impactful, providing students with hands-on experiences in giving back to the community. They engaged in volunteer projects that ranged from assisting local charities to participating in environmental clean-ups. These activities not only fostered a sense of accomplishment and teamwork but also highlighted the importance of empathy and altruism.

A significant highlight of the retreat was the opportunity for Year 10 students to connect with the St Thomas More Parish community and the Junior School students. This interaction strengthened the bonds within our broader school and Parish community and allowed the Year 10s to serve as role models for younger students. The connection with the Parish community also enriched their understanding of communal faith and collective service.

None of these opportunities would be possible without the generosity of the staff who made the retreat possible, so on behalf the College we thank those involved and especially our Faith and Life Coordinator Mr Damian Chandler for his hard work and dedication.

Overall, the Year 10 retreat was a profound experience that emphasised the importance of reflection and service in personal growth and community building. It was a testament to our commitment to nurturing courageous, committed, and compassionate individuals who are prepared to answer the call to serve and lead. We are proud of our Year 10 students for embracing this opportunity and look forward to seeing how these experiences shape their future endeavours.

Alexandra Carcione