When do I need to purchase the new uniform?

The new uniform will be on sale for the beginning of the 2024 school year. There is a two-year transition period where the old and new uniforms can be worn (2024 and 2025), but only the new uniform can be worn from the beginning of 2026.

Can my child wear the old uniform with the new uniform?

From the beginning of 2024 through to the end of 2025, students can wear either the old or the new uniform. It is preferred and recommended that students either wear all new uniform items or all old uniform together, however it is understood certain items will be transitioned quicker than others.

When will the new uniform be available for purchase?

The new uniform will be available for purchase from January 2024. Until then, the discontinued uniform items are available for sale which have been discounted by 50%.

What will the new uniform cost?

An itemised pricelist of the new uniform items will be uploaded to the College website by 8 December 2023. The items of the uniforms will be similar in cost to the existing range of items. It is expected that families with students in Kindergarten to Year 2 will save money due to the same uniform items being able to be worn across the Summer and Winter seasons.

Will the old uniform still be available for purchase?

Yes, subject to stock availability. Whatever stock is on hand will be available for sale however there will be no further stock arriving for the old uniform. We expect that limited supplies of the old uniform will be available for sale until the end of 2025. All discontinued stock is being discounted by 50%.

Please note that only the older style ‘Interim Junior School Av԰ Christi’ (checked) dresses may be worn by Junior School students (Year 3 - 6) through the transition period - view and order dress . Older style Av԰ Christi dresses may be worn by Senior School students only, during the transition period.

What are the rules about wearing the uniform?

The updated Uniform procedures and guidelines will be available on the College website by 8 December 2023.

Are there compulsory items?

Yes. The items listed in each of the sections Summer Uniform, Winter Uniform, Sport Uniform and House Uniform are compulsory. The optional items section of each page identifies items of the uniform range which can be purchased but are not a required item.

I am a new student/family who is joining the College next year. May I buy the old uniform?
Yes, the old uniform is available for purchase. However, it is highly recommended new families purchase the new uniform as any old uniform items purchased can only be worn during the two year transition period.

What are the arrangements with pre-loved uniforms?

The College has discontinued the pre-loved uniform function within the Uniform Shop due to the launch of the new K-12 College uniform. Parents are welcome to purchase items from Facebook groups listed below:

What about bathers/swimming attire for students?

Students are not required to purchase College branded bathers/jammers unless they are representing the College at external competitive swimming events such as the ACC Swimming Carnival.

Students who are participating in water sport and activity are required to wear one-piece bathers or speedos which are blue or black in colour. Students are permitted to wear the College sport shorts over their bathers and rash vests are acceptable.  

What colour shoes are required for the sport uniform?

Students are required to wear sport shoes with a non-marking sole, in modest colours, which are appropriate for sporting activity. Extreme colours, fluro colours, street shoes or casual shoes are not permitted to be worn. Students in Kindergarten to Year 2 are recommended to wear shoes with Velcro closures.

What shoes are required for the formal uniform?

Students are required to wear black lace up shoes of a formal style. No black trainers are permitted to be worn with the formal uniform.

Why are there three different backpacks?

There are currently three sizes of backpack available for the students. All backpacks may be used in any year level however recommendations have been included in the guide for the Kindergarten – Year 2 students. The range of items has been selected to account for individual student needs, stature and preference.

Where can I find information regarding the new uniform?

Please view the latest version of the