Junior School Device Strategy

Kindergarten to Year 6 Devices

In recognition of the unique needs of our youngest learners, we are committed to providing devices that are thoughtfully tailored to their developmental stage.

For Kindergarten to Year 3 students, the emphasis is on simplicity, durability, and ease of use.

Kindergarten to Year 3 Device Package:

  • iPad 9th Generation (64 GB)

  • Griffin All-Terrain Case

  • Panzer Glass Screen Protector

  • 3-year Warranty

For students in Year 4 to Year 6, the package includes a keyboard, which is considered a fundamental tool in honing typing proficiency. A keyboard-equipped device empowers students in these academic levels to efficiently engage with digital learning resources, complete written assignments, and develop essential computer skills.

Year 4 to Year 6 Device Package:

  • iPad 9th Generation (64 GB)

  • Logitech Keyboard Case

  • Panzer Glass Screen Protector

  • Digital Stylus with Engraving

  • 3-year Warranty

Device Replacement Schedule

Av԰ Christi College’s three-year device renewal plan adheres to industry standards, offering hardware fault coverage, protection against accidental damage or loss, and the continued relevance of our students' devices in the ever-changing educational tech environment. Devices will be replaced over the proceeding 4 years with completion in 2027.

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Contact Information

Do you have more questions?

Please contact the ICT Helpdesk with the following details:

Email: helpdesk@corpus.wa.edu.au

Phone: 08 6332 2574

In summary, the College remains committed to ensuring all students have access to the best educational resources throughout their academic journey.