Aaron Dark | Class of 2007


Finding out what a client needs and how best to meet these needs is a process most of us engage with in the course of our work. However, it’s also important for us to question and discover what we need for ourselves so we can reach our God-given potential, both in our professional and personal lives. Aaron Dark (Class of 2007) can attest to the importance of curiosity – one of the four pillars of the College’s Vision for Learning – in achieving our goals.

In his role as an Experience Designer at Bankwest, Aaron researches customer needs and creates design experiences with an eye to being both functional and enjoyable. It’s a challenge that requires creative, innovative thinking. However, he didn’t always know he would end up in such a role. Aaron didn’t know what he wanted to do after Year 12, so studied the subjects he was most passionate about. Attaining Certificates in music and IT allowed him to explore his interests and strengths. He then began studying graphic design at Curtin University before switching to advertising and ultimately settling on print design and branding. After working several years as a print designer, he made the leap to UX/UI – designing mobile app and website experiences.

In hindsight, Aaron can see how his time at Av԰ set him up for lifelong learning, encouraging him to connect with others and follow the spark of curiosity. He explained:

“The two retreats we went on were huge highlights for me. It pushed me to reflect on the person I was and gain self-awareness – all while getting to know other students who I’d never talked to. 

Of course, I didn’t realise that at the time, but looking back at how curious I was to explore other students' backstories and learn about them probably nudged me closer to my current profession.”

In addition to his role at the bank, Aaron is in collaboration with Learning Support specialist Andrew Thomas and teacher Carl Owen on a project called ATAR Support, an online education resource for ATAR revision and examination preparation. Tuition is recorded from materials provided by subject matter experts, and students can watch the recordings on-demand with the ability to pause, rewind and rewatch. The idea grew out of a previous project which created accessible revision materials for the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA). The team had identified a significant gap in terms of accessible online delivery for students nationwide and went to work on developing resources that would meet these needs. With the current challenges in education worldwide, these supplements are needed more than ever.

Asked for advice for current students, Aaron said his ‘hack’ was as simple as asking the question. “If you don’t know, ask. You may feel dumb once, but never again. 

It’s amazing how much you can achieve if you just ask. The doors that open and the opportunities created are unfathomable. So ask the questions, go the extra distance and be curious about anything you don’t know.”


ATAR Support is currently offering one month of free support for students graduating this year. Visit to find out more information.

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