Brooke Da Cruz | Class of 2007


Brooke is a fashion designer who brings life to a unique but timeless aesthetic with a passionate focus on quality. Her name-sake label Brooke Da Cruz produces luxurious pieces that enable the wearer to feel amazing inside and out. Each piece adheres to the brand’s sustainable and ethical values, with materials consciously sourced to minimise harm to our planet – a philosophy which enhances rather than compromises their beauty.

During her time at Av԰ Christi College Brooke undertook studies in fashion textiles, art and design and small business. Upon graduating in 2007, she decided to pursue further education in these fields. Brooke completed her Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology from the West Australian Institute of Fashion Design in 2010, where she also won the Pret-a-Porter Collection of the Year award along with other accolades, including showing her pieces at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. She then headed to London to work with a master couturier and expand upon her skills. From London, Brooke travelled quite extensively all the while being further inspired to create a brand encapsulating her experiences and insights; a label based on integrity which harmonises her passions for design and this beautiful planet Earth.

Upon returning to Perth, Brooke continues to develop her unique design philosophy. She has mastered her skills in fitting the woman’s body through years of working as chief fitter in bridal, and her technical mind is drawn to creating pieces built to support and highlight powerful feminine aesthetics.

The Brooke Da Cruz label comes out of a strong belief in creativity and freedom. The garments are engineered to be visually striking, yet easy to wear: with practical details that go easily from day to night and sometimes metamorphose within themselves.  Each style is wear-tested to guarantee a flattering, comfortable fit and sturdy construction, ensuring that these un-basic pieces will be wardrobe staples for years to come

Brooke Da Cruz has been featured in many magazines, is stocked in several online stores, as well as three Perth stores so far: Periscope clothing in Northbridge, Atelier on George in East Fremantle and Hatch in Garden City.

You can check out more of Brooke’s work here:

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