Achieving Your Best

At Av԰ Christi College, we recognise each child has their own talents and interests.

We help students achieve their best, whether in the classroom, on the sports field, on the stage or out in the world-at-large.

ATAR & VET Pathways for Secondary Students

The College offers guided pathways towards university, TAFE, apprenticeships or work placements.

Of our Year 11s and 12s:

  • 2 in 3 choose an ATAR pathway

  • 1 in 3 choose Vocational Education & Training, including nationally recognised Certificates and workplace learning

Pastoral Care

Guided by Catholic principles, the College has a proven pastoral care program focused on the well-being of all students from Kindergarten - Year 12. We look at the whole person – not just their grades – and provide an environment that fosters academic, physical and spiritual development.

Learning Support and Gifted & Talented

Students are individuals with their own learning challenges.

That’s why we offer tailored support for those who need it, including:

  • additional help in numeracy and literacy

  • accelerated curriculum for gifted & talented students

  • goal setting and counselling


The College offers more than 60 clubs and extra-curriculars encompassing options in Sports, Academics, Arts and Christian Service. From AFL to Coding to Dance, there’s something for everyone.

Get the Whole Package

A student is more than final ATAR score. A school is more than league table rankings.

Give your child a well-rounded education.

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